Expiry of Domain Name

Once a domain expires, it goes through many stages before being deleted.

When the domain expires, your website and mail service will stop functioning, and no changes can be made to the domain.

However, for GTLD (.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, etc.), you will have 15-30 expiration grace period after the actual expiration date during which you can renew. If you do not renew the domain within this grace period, it enters a “redemption period” at the Registry and placed into the auction. Usually, domains are auctioned off successfully.

When the domain expires, your website and mail will be functioning for the first 0-30days, but you cannot make any changes to the domain. During this period, the client can renew the domains from the client area,

However, the registrant cannot transfer the domain to another registrar within this period, unless the domain is

Renewed. Followed by 30-60 days suspension period, all the services associated with the domain name will be shut down.

After 60days the domain goes into pending delete status, 88days after expiration, the redemption period ends and the domain will be placed in a Pending Purge for 14days, the domain name can no longer be renewed or recovered. After this period, the domain will be available to the public for re-registration.